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Leading China's Best and Brightest to Bridge China and the World

In 2014, the SOHO China Foundation committed USD $100 million for the SOHO China Scholarships. We work directly with our partner schools, all top international universities, to endow financial aid scholarships for undergraduate students at each institution. To date, we are partnered with Harvard University (July 2014) and Yale University (October 2014).

The SOHO China Scholarships’ mission is to connect China's outstanding students, with financial need, to the best education the world has to offer. The SOHO China Scholarships also actively raises public awareness about need-blind admissions policies at top international universities, and encourages the best Chinese students to apply.

Beyond endowing the scholarships at each partner school, the SOHO China Scholarships works directly with scholarship recipients to nurture their educational and professional aspirations. Each year, the SOHO China Foundation hosts a Forum that brings together all of the Scholars and members of the SOHO China Scholarships Board for a day of discussion, mentorship, and networking. The SOHO China Foundation is committed to providing the scholars with access to unique opportunities, and encourages them to develop deep bonds so they can continue to be a resource to one another throughout their lives.

Ms. Zhang and Mr. Pan believe in the limitless potential of the SOHO China Scholars to serve as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. Their mastery of multiple languages, familiarity with different educational systems, comfort in foreign countries, and a global professional network will prepare them for a life as a public ambassador.

The SOHO China Scholarships will grow to support more Chinese students requiring financial aid, and is actively seeking partnerships with leading international universities to expand this initiative.

The Children's Virtues Project is designed to awaken a sense of personal and communal responsibility among children and spark their drive for excellence.

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As 'cleanliness' was one of the virtues stressed by our Children's Virtues program, SOHO China undertook the 'Bathroom Construction Campaign' in tandem with the Children's Virtues Project.

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We cover a portion of the learning and living costs of university students who demonstrate scholastic excellence, leadership potential and financial need. We also encourage scholarship recipients to give back to their communities through volunteer charity work and participation in public welfare activities.

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